The Impact of Heavy Truck Traffic on Highway 45 in Texas and the Dangers Posed by Commercial Vehicles

The Dangers of Heavy Truck Traffic on Highway 45

Driving around the Pflugerville area can be a headache, and if you drive on Highway 45 often, you probably know all about the truck traffic. What you may not know is that all of these commercial vehicles on the road increase the likelihood of accidents and injury significantly. After all, if a truck slams into your passenger vehicle, you and your loved ones will bear the brunt of the impact the most.

If you or a loved one is injured or killed in a truck accident on Highway 45 or other Texas roads, the truck accident lawyers in Texas at Pastrana & García Injury Law understand your situation and want to help. Our attorneys can help you obtain compensation for your injuries, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and more.

Why Is Highway 45 So Hazardous?

Texas State Highway 45, also known as SH 45, is located north of Austin between US 183 and SH 130. This busy road also intersects Interstate 35, so it is a frequent route for tractor-trailers needing to travel east and west north of the city.

A news report in August 2022 stated there had been 11 crashes on Highway 45 so far that year, which was twice the number at the same time in 2021. If you drive on Highway 45 during your morning and evening commutes, you’ll share the road with many commercial vehicles, and serious accidents are common. More homes and businesses are being built along the highway, and more people are moving to the Pflugerville area and may be unfamiliar with the busy roads.

How to Stay Vigilant During Heavy Truck Traffic

Highway 45 is a busy route with commuter and truck traffic, and staying safe takes care and attention. But, you can stay vigilant and out of trouble on this hazardous freeway with these tips:

  • Stay out of truck blind spots. You’re passing a truck, but he speeds up, so you are stuck in his blind spot. This is a dangerous place to be, so either slow down or speed up legally and get around the truck safely.
  • Use your turn signals. It is important to tell other drivers your intentions, but especially truckers. Use your signal when changing lanes or getting in front of a truck.
  • Minimize Distractions. This is a deadly highway, and you should always put away your cell phone and avoid other distractions in heavy truck traffic.
  • Do not tailgate a truck. Not only can they not see you, you cannot see around the truck and check for slowed traffic.
  • Be patient. Trucks move slower than passenger cars, but getting impatient around one can lead to accidents.

Common Reasons for Highway 45 Truck Accidents

There are many reasons truck and regular vehicle accidents happen on Highway 45. With so much growth in the area, hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the region are on the move daily. The most common reasons for truck accidents on this busy highway are:

  • Speeding. The NHTSA reports speeding is a factor in 29% of traffic deaths nationally. Driving over the speed limit is especially hazardous when huge tractor-trailers barrel down traffic-congested roads.
  • Distracted driving. Texting and driving, eating, drinking, or talking to others are always hazardous, but they’re even more dangerous when a trucker does them.

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If you drive on Highway 45 often, you probably know to drive with greater care. But, unfortunately, not every driver on this busy road is the same, and if a careless trucker hits you, you could end up with severe injuries.

If you are hurt on this hazardous road, you can count on the accident lawyers at Pastrana & García Injury Law to help you. In addition, our attorneys can assist you with getting compensation for medical bills or even a wrongful death case, even if the driver was uninsured.

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