By: Pastrana & Garcia Injury Law, Published: April 05 2023

Texas’ Most Dangerous Highway: The I-35 Corridor

Texas' Most Dangerous Highway The I-35 Corridor

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    The Texas Department of Transportation reported 513 fatal truck accidents in Texas alone in 2020, and 1,245 people were seriously injured. With 16 interstates and 45 US highways, truck accidents in Texas can occur on hundreds of thousands of miles of roads. However, statistics show that parts of I-35 are among the most dangerous in the Lone Star State for car and truck accidents.

    Interstate 35 runs for approximately 500 miles across the state and is one of the busiest freeways in Texas. Many truckers use I-35 to deliver goods, so serious big rig crashes on this busy corridor happen daily — many in Pflugerville.

    You may have severe injuries if you are injured in a truck accident on I-35. The truck wreck lawyers at Pastrana & García Injury Law can help.

    Why Do Truck Accidents Happen on I-35?

    I-35 is the state’s busiest highway. It is also the state’s most popular route for shipping cargo. Here are some reasons why truck accidents happen on this interstate:

    • Traffic jams
    • Hazardous highway interchanges
    • Driver fatigue
    • Equipment failure or poor maintenance
    • Spilled or shifting cargo

    Traffic Jams

    Anyone who has driven on I-35, especially in road construction zones, knows that traffic jams are daily occurrences. If a trucker follows you too closely, they could slam into the back of your car in a traffic jam. Unfortunately, some truckers nod off at the wheel or are distracted by their cell phones and don’t see traffic slowing.

    Hazardous Highway Interchanges

    Lanes increase and decrease as I-35 rolls through Pflugerville. Thousands of vehicles may enter and exit the interstate through various interchanges. If they make a small error, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

    Driver Fatigue

    Many truck accidents occur on I-35 simply because the trucker is driving longer than he should. Truck driver fatigue can injure and kill many people in an accident.

    Equipment Failure or Poor Maintenance

    Trucking companies often skimp on maintenance to save costs. Bald tire blowouts, worn brakes, trailer decoupling, and more can cause serious 18-wheeler accidents.

    Spilled or Shifting Cargo

    If cargo is incorrectly loaded, it can spill onto the road and impact those behind the truck. Shifting cargo could also make the trailer turn over onto another vehicle.

    Truck Accident Injuries Are Often Serious

    Truck crashes on I-35 are often violent, and life-changing injuries often occur. If you are severely injured, you’ll potentially need hundreds of thousands in compensation to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation, and ongoing care. Common injuries in truck crashes include:

    • Head trauma and brain injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Amputations
    • Crush injuries
    • Fractures
    • Ruptured and bulging spinal discs
    • Internal organ damage

    Most crash victims don’t understand how much they will need in compensation after a serious truck accident. So, don’t go up against the trucking and insurance companies alone.

    Why You Need a Pflugerville Truck Accident Lawyer

    Many trucking companies in and around Texas have been sued for truck accidents. Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 lbs when fully loaded and outweigh passenger vehicles by 75,000 lbs or more. When one of these massive big rigs smashes into a passenger car, the impact is often catastrophic, leading to severe injuries and sometimes death.

    After a tractor-trailer crash, the trucking company may dispatch a crash team of accident reconstruction specialists, attorneys, and private investigators to the accident scene. They are there to secure the scene and attempt to prove the trucking company was not at fault. These crash teams have been known to try to influence crash scene police officers to encourage them to omit details on the accident report that could implicate the truck driver.

    The last thing you should do after a truck crash with injuries is to go up against a team of truck company attorneys and specialists who want to reduce or deny your claim on your own. You need an experienced and fearless truck wreck attorney who will stand up to company lawyers and insurance adjusters to fight for your rights.

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