Have you heard about Swoop and Settle?

You’re driving on Mopac going home from work in bumper-to-bumper traffic Someone behind you is distracted on his/her cellphone and rear-ends your car. Your car is towed to a tow yard because it is not driveable. The next day, your entire body is sore. You speak with the insurance company’s adjuster for the person at fault and they offer to pay you for the cost to repair your car and give you some money “for your inconvenience”. Should you take the money? The answer is usually NO. At least not before you speak with a personal injury attorney. If you have not been seen by a doctor and the incident just happened, it is likely that you do not know the full extent of your damages. However, the insurance company is engaging in an unethical practice known as “SWOOP AND SETTLE”. They are trying to get rid of your claim for cheap and if you agree to settle, even without signing any documents, you may be giving up your rights to get reimbursed for future damages that are unknown at the time of the offer to settle. If you have been injured due to someone else’s fault, call Pastrana & Garcia Injury Law NOW at 512-474-4487 before you fall victim of an insurance claims adjuster.

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