Stay Focused on the Road: The Real Cost of Distracted Driving

Stay Focused on the Road The Real Cost of Distracted Driving

Whether distracted driving involves texting on a cell phone, eating and drinking, changing the radio, or talking to passengers, it is a deadly problem in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nine people in the U.S. are killed daily because of distracted driving.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident involving a distracted driver, you don’t have to bear the costs of recovery alone. You could be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. The Pflugerville, Texas, car accident lawyers at Pastrana & García Law can help you obtain compensation. Even if an uninsured driver hits you, our attorneys can help your case.

What Are the Three Types of Driver Distractions?

Anything that distracts us from driving is dangerous, but it helps to understand the three types of driver distractions. That way, we can take concrete actions to keep our minds and eyes focused on the road in front of us:

  • Cognitive. Something that takes your mind off driving, such as thinking about an argument you had with your spouse. Ensure you are in a mental and emotional state conducive to safe driving before grabbing your car keys.
  • Manual. Anything that requires you to remove your hands from the wheel, such as grabbing something to eat from the backseat or changing the radio. Don’t do anything while driving that requires you to take your hands off the wheel. Just pull over at a safe spot instead.
  • Visual. Something that takes your eyes off the road, such as checking your cell phone texts or social media accounts. It’s usually best to shut off your phone and put it in your purse or pocket so there is no risk of distraction.

If a driver hits you and you suspect they were distracted, be sure to tell that to the police when they arrive. Also, go to the doctor immediately to have your injuries documented.

How to Stay Focused While Driving on Texas Roads and Highways

Whether you drive in Pflugerville on Highway 79, FM 1660,  or another highway, there are things you can do to stay focused on the road while driving Texa roads, according to the Texas Department of Insurance:

  • Understand the risks of driving distracted. Many things may distract us from the task at hand – driving safely. They include eating, drinking, texting or talking on a cell phone, talking to other passengers, and changing the radio. Note that texting, reading, or responding to emails while driving is illegal in Texas.
  • Shut off your phone. Many of us want to stay connected all the time, but driving is not a time to focus on your electronic devices. So shut off your phone when driving and don’t turn it back on until you can do so safely when pulled over.
  • Stay calm. Driving can be stressful, especially in busy Austin traffic, but staying calm will help you avoid getting into dangerous situations. For instance, overreacting to an aggressive driver is another type of distraction, but you don’t have to retaliate. Just focus on driving.
  • Get ready for your trip before leaving. While driving isn’t the time to look up restaurants or the driving route in Google. Instead, have everything you need for your trip ready before you leave the driveway or parking lot.
  • Look out for distracted drivers. Watch for drivers who do not pay attention to the road, such as people who drift in and out of their lane. If you think someone is dangerously distracted, pull over and call 911.

Who Is Most at Risk of Distracted Driving?

Anyone can be distracted while driving, but among fatal wrecks with distracted drivers, more people 15-20 were distracted than those 21 or older. Also, the CDC reports that a 2019 survey of high school students found that 40% of high school students said they had texted or emailed while driving in the last 30 days.

How to Prevent Driving Distractions

There are several things you can do to prevent distracted driving:

  • Download an app that blocks texts on your phone
  • Have a passenger handle navigation
  • Have music playlists set up on your phone so you don’t need to search for songs while driving
  • Never text and drive
  • Don’t eat or drink while driving

Contact Our Pflugerville Car Accident Attorneys

We can do many things to avoid distracted driving accidents, but sometimes, accidents cannot be avoided when someone else is distracted. You have legal options if a distracted driver hurts you or kills a loved one.

Contact the Pflugerville car accident attorneys at Pastrana & García Law today to file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit for your losses. The costs of hiring an attorney will be accounted for out of your settlement or verdict amount, so there are no upfront costs.

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