Preservation of Evidence – Car Accidents


Why you should not count on the cops to gather evidence for your civil case

Many people who are injured due to someone else’s fault often times leave the scene of an accident to get medical care, as they should do, but then delay hiring a personal injury attorney right away. They think that because the cops showed up to the scene, it is their job to interview all witnesses, take statements, secure video from nearby business with surveillance, and take photos of the vehicles involved. Police officers may secure all the items mentioned above in the course of investigating a potential crime or serious accident. However, their job is primarily to ensure the welfare of the public, particularly those involved in the wreck and other drivers using the road; make sure the appropriate emergency response personnel is summoned-such as firefighters and ambulances, and clear the road for traffic. Police officers do not generally have an obligation to help you gather evidence to later sue someone in civil court. Relying on them to do a personal injury attorney attorney’s job is very risky and can lead to the disappearance of evidence. For example, video surveillance cameras often write over the tape and have short retention period policies. Witnesses move away. Cars get repaired. Do not harm your case by delaying to hire a personal injury lawyer. Call us now, Pastrana & García Law Firm at 512-474-4487.

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