Texas State Highway 130 represents a huge investment in modern infrastructure. Built in response to the higher truck traffic created by NAFTA in the late 90s, it is the fastest connection from Austin to San Antonio, and parts of SH 130 have the highest speed limits in America.

While it’s a marvel of modern engineering, the impacts of SH 130 along with the rapid growth and development around the Pflugerville area have made Pickle Parkway more hazardous for everyday drivers, and accidents around Stone Hill are all too common.

With that in mind, let’s discuss how to keep yourself safer behind the wheel when you’re driving around town, as well as what you’ll need to do if you’re involved in an accident.

Car Safety in Stone Hill Town Center

Continuing development and growth in Pflugerville, especially in the Stone Hill area, where SH 130 meets SH 45, causes heavy traffic in the area. While there are still investments being made to increase the capacity of the highway, construction and road crews add to the hazards on this already challenging highway. Every year the number of serious crashes goes up. In 2019, there were 176 crashes on SH 130 between Highway 290 and Highway 79, up from 133 crashes in 2016. According to the TxDOT, there were 685 car accidents in Pflugerville in 2020, the most recent year that figures are available.

To improve traffic safety around Stone Hill Town Center, the city of Pflugerville has implemented a unique displaced left turn intersection at the corner of Pecan Street and Dessau Road. The displaced left turn crosses traffic to the other side of the road, maximizing the flow at the intersection and reducing time waiting at a stop light. Because it is such an unusual intersection, here is a video demonstrating how it works.

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How to Avoid Stone Hill Town Center Car Accidents

With all the challenges of heavy traffic and construction around Stone Hill Town Center, it is important to be cautious and avoid accidents. Here is what to do:

  • Check conditions ahead of time. There are a number of services that alert you to traffic and weather conditions before you drive. Follow the TxDOT on Twitter, or use a local road conditions app to be aware of hazards and closures, and plan your trip accordingly.
  • Drive defensively. Staying safe on the roads always means defensive driving. Obey the speed limit, check your blind spots, allow plenty of space between cars, use turn signals, and obey traffic signals. Many car accidents could be avoided if people simply followed good driving practices and obeyed the rules of the road.
  • Share the road. The Stone Hill area in Pflugerville has many large and potentially confusing intersections, along with highway on-ramps and exits. Being alert to other drivers and allowing space for appropriate merges and lane changes helps keep everyone safe.
  • Practice good car safety. Being safe inside your car is a great way to avoid accidents. Wear your seat belt, put away distracting devices like cell phones and keep your car in good working condition.

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