The Importance Of Involving An Attorney And Having Good Car Insurance

Hit and run accidents are very common in the state of Texas. What is a “Hit and Run” ? It is when the person at fault for a car accident hits the road. This means that the person who is the victim of the accident is left with material damage and/or serious injuries that they have to attend to and pay for on their own.

 According to AAA, in the US on average every 43 seconds there is a “Hit and Run” accident.

Source: AAA Research Brief, Hit and Run Crashes, 2016

 Many people are under the misconception that the police are going to fix the problem, which is not possible unless you have enough evidence to find the culprit. The types of evidence that can be used are photos, videos, the license plate number, model and color of the car.

 However, obtaining evidence of a “Hit and Run” is practically impossible. Unfortunately, the victims do not have enough time to take out their cell phone, when they come out of shock and turn to see what happened, the other car is gone. Some fail to see the details of the guilty car, much less the face of the driver.

This is the first reason why it is important to involve an attorney in the event of a hit and run. Lawyers have the right knowledge and tools to obtain the necessary evidence.

 Surely they are thinking, and if the evidence is not enough, what can be done to recover the damages? The only thing that can be done is a claim with our own insurance. Can this be reworded, it doesn’t seem to flow very well and I’m not clear on what we are trying to say.  

This is the second reason why we must involve an attorney. The lawyers have a complete knowledge of the law and know how to manage the insurers so that they pay what is fair.

But beware, the coverages that protect us from “Hit and Run” accidents are not mandatory in the state of Texas, many people do not have them. Why is this happening? For several reasons:

  1. It is unknown that there are different coverages and it is not known what each one is for. You can learn more about different types of coverage  HERE. (link to coverage article)
  2. Including additional coverages in a policy may represent an additional cost. Unfortunately, most of the time, saving money is more important than being protected. In the long run, this could be more expensive.
  3. Insurance agents may focus your attention on the cheapest policy, without explaining the details and consequences simply to sign you up as a new policy holder.

 We recommend reviewing your auto insurance coverage as soon as possible and talk to your agent to ask: What happens if I have a “Hit and Run” accident ? Am I  protected?

 Keep in mind these simple but important steps that you should follow in case you are the victim of a “Hit and Run”.

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Remember the information mentioned here is only a recommendation based on our experience.

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