Falls at Construction Sites and How to Avoid Them

Falls at Construction Sites and How to Avoid Them

Construction sites can be dangerous places. With heavy equipment, machinery, power tools, and heavy materials, it’s easy to become injured if you’re not paying attention. Personal injuries at construction sites happen to site workers, contractors, foremen, and even bystanders.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), falls are the number one reason for construction accident fatalities, with construction falls representing 51% of all fatal falls in the U.S. There are ways to minimize risks and avoid accidents as a result of falls, though.

What Are Construction Fall Accidents, and How Do These Falls Happen?

Falls are a common cause of personal injuries at construction sites. They can happen as a result of tripping hazards, such as tripping on a tool, material, or other hazard left on a walkway. They can involve a slip-and-fall accident after the victim slips on a wet or slick surface. They often also involve falls from heights, such as from a ladder, scaffolding, or aerial lift.

In some cases, a fall may be the direct result of the company or employer failing to provide proper precautions and equipment. For example, some falls occur as a result of inadequate or unsafe harnesses, missing guardrails, unguarded edges, or loose or faulty hooks.

What Types of Damages Are Caused by Falls at Construction Sites?

A fall at a construction site can result in serious injuries. Traumatic head injuries, concussions, and other brain injuries are common, as are broken bones. A fall can cause serious back or spinal injuries, sometimes even resulting in paralysis. It can also result in internal injuries, cuts, abrasions, and other soft tissue injuries. In the most extreme cases, a fall at a construction site may even result in wrongful death.

As a result of injuries from a fall at a construction site, you may experience significant financial consequences. You may be entitled to damages from your fall, including:

  • The costs of your medical treatments, hospital stays, and doctor’s visits
  • The costs of your physical, occupational, and other therapies, along with any nursing or home care
  • The income or wages you’ve lost as a result of being unable to work
  • The costs associated with your pain and suffering, mental anguish, and emotional trauma
  • The costs of the general decline to the quality of your life

These accidents are serious, and with proper safety precautions and thoughtful consideration they can be avoided.

How Can You Avoid Falls at a Construction Site?

There are some important ways to avoid or minimize the possibility of falls at a construction site, and it is essential for contractors, workers, and companies involved to work together to keep everyone on the site safe. Consider the following ways to help avoid falls:

  • Understand the possible hazards. discuss with the company or employer any potential tripping or slipping dangers, along with the hazards of working at considerable heights, and come up with a plan for addressing them.
  • Wear the proper safety equipment. Work with the construction company to ensure you have the proper and necessary protective equipment you need whenever you are working at heights.
  • Be educated. Make sure you receive the proper training needed to work safely, including training on equipment, fall hazards, and preventive measures.
  • Follow guidelines. Always follow safety rules and regulations, along with industry best practices for preventing falls.
  • Remain alert. Stay aware of your surroundings, and any potential dangers, at all times, whether you are working at the site or just passing by.

How Can Pastrana & García Injury Law Help With Your Construction Accident Claim?

If you’ve been involved in a construction fall or accident on the job, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important to secure the advice and help of an experienced construction accident lawyer. If you do not involve an attorney with experience in these types of claims you will probably become frustrated and confused by the complexities of the legal system. You might even be taken advantage of due to your lack of legal knowledge.

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