Dealing with a Car Accident Involving a Company Vehicle

Dealing with a Car Accident Involving a Company Vehicle

Texas is one of the most dangerous states for drivers, with 4489 vehicle fatalities in 2021. In Travis County alone, there were 598 crashes involving commercial vehicles in 2021. Accidents with company vehicles are especially difficult cases, with many legal issues to investigate and pursue. Here is how to deal with a car accident involving a company vehicle.

What Defines a Company Vehicle?

When you see a truck or a van with a logo on it, it’s natural to assume that it’s a company vehicle. But some cars and vans without special markings are still owned by businesses and driven for work purposes, like when a job provides a company car to an employee.

Making matters more complex, other people use their personal vehicles in order to perform work, like delivery drivers or car share drivers. In other words, it isn’t always easy to tell if a car accident involves a work vehicle or not.

Is There Special Commercial Insurance?

With company vehicle accidents, it’s important to know whether the driver’s or the company’s insurance policies are in effect. When a vehicle is being driven for work or business purposes, there are often special insurance policies or additional coverage that apply. Trucking and transport companies have special auto insurance, and ride-share companies carry additional policies as well.

When a commercial vehicle is involved in a car accident, there are specific legal questions and challenges, as well as additional paperwork, attorneys, and insurance policies on both sides. If you have been involved in a car accident with a company vehicle, it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Who Is Liable for a Company Vehicle Accident in Texas?

In all car accidents, it is critical to investigate and find out who was at fault in order to recover your damages. In car accidents with company vehicles, these questions become even more important. There may be multiple liable parties involved in a single accident, including:

  • The driver. In most cases, if the driver of the company vehicle was driving recklessly or disobeying the rules of the road, they are liable for the accident.
  • The company that owns the vehicle. In some cases, the company that owns the vehicle may be liable for the accident if they hired unqualified drivers, didn’t train drivers correctly, didn’t maintain fleet vehicles properly, or otherwise contributed to the accident.
  • A third party. In some cases, there may even be a third party liable for a company vehicle accident. For example, if a company hires a vendor to maintain its fleet, load cargo, or oversee scheduling, they may be partially at fault for an accident.

Because a car accident in a company vehicle can have so many different causes and contributing factors, with more legal issues and more insurance policies, these types of accidents are much more complex and difficult than typical Pflugerville car accidents.

How to Pursue Compensation After a Company Vehicle Accident

If someone hit you in a company vehicle or while they were driving for work purposes it is important to protect your rights. You may be entitled to recover damages for medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and other expenses. The company’s insurance or legal teams may pressure you to sign a quick settlement. However, rushing to a settlement agreement without the help of a lawyer could result in less than full compensation for your injuries.

Before you sign a settlement agreement for a company vehicle accident, discuss your case with the experienced, compassionate team at Pastrana & García Injury Law. We’ve been providing personal attention and exceptional legal services to the Pflugerville area for over thirty years, and offer free consultations to help you understand your rights.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a company vehicle accident, contact Pastrana & García Injury Law today.

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