How Construction and Maintenance on I-35 in Texas Contribute to Dangerous Driving Conditions

Construction & Dangerous Driving On I-35

All the construction and maintenance on I-35 is inconvenient. The traffic and construction on the interstate can make you late, squeeze you into narrow lanes, or slow you down when you’re least expecting it. If you’ve been living in Central Texas for even a few years, you know that keeping up with a growing population often means roadway construction to accommodate a higher volume of vehicles. But unfortunately, sometimes serious auto accidents happen in the jumble of shifting lanes, lane closures, concrete barriers, and stop-and-go traffic.

If you are injured in an accident on I-35, the car wreck lawyers at Pastrana & García Injury Law can help.

About I-35

I-35 is one of the busiest interstates in Texas. The road features six to eight lanes and runs north to south from above Dallas to the Mexican border. As the state has increased in population, ongoing construction efforts exist to add lanes, rebuild bridges, enhance pedestrian and bicycle access, etc. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion on the highway and to improve safety for everyone.

However, in 2018, there were 20,400 traffic accidents on I-35 in Texas, leading to 153 deaths and 470 severe injuries. The most common causes of these unfortunate accidents were speeding and pedestrians not yielding the right of way.

How Construction and Maintenance Affect Driving Habits

Road construction is no fun for most of us, and it can be stressful on I-35 when you need to get to or from work. All of the construction on I-35 regularly causes severe accidents because of narrowed lanes, reduced speeds, and almost constant traffic congestion.

Also, construction vehicles are often slow and difficult to see, leading to suddenly stopped traffic. The constantly changing road conditions in these construction zones increase the chances of auto accidents, and some Texas drivers don’t have insurance, complicating the matter.

Some of the other reasons there are more accidents in I-35 construction zones are:

  • The narrowed, changing lanes create confusion, leading to cars running into each other.
  • Drivers not paying attention could miss a lane change sign and merge with your vehicle.
  • Detours can confuse or aggravate motorists, leading to road rage and more accidents.
  • Roads under construction may be uneven and damaged, making it harder to drive on them.
  • Construction zones often have more objects in and near the road, making accidents more likely.
  • Drivers often speed in construction zones, leading to severe accidents.

How to Avoid Car Wrecks on I-35

There will continue to be road construction on I-35 because of the growing Texas population, particularly in the Austin metro area. As a result, accidents are always more likely in these busy zones, but you can avoid many by remembering these tips:

  • Keep your eyes open. Observe when entering an I-35 construction zone, looking for shifting lanes, reduced speeds, and stopped traffic.
  • Slow down. There are slower speed limits in construction zones for a reason. The increased traffic and changing traffic patterns make it easier to get into an accident. So even if there is no speed limit sign, slow down anyway.
  • Put away the cell phone. You should never use your phone when driving, but it should be turned off and put away in construction zones.

What You Should Do After an Accident on I-35

Getting in an accident on a busy interstate highway like I-35 is likely to result in severe injuries. There are several things you should do to ensure your health and safety after the incident:

  • Stay at the crash scene and call 911 if anyone is injured.
  • If you are uninjured, call law enforcement so they come to the scene and write an accident report. This can be useful for proving fault in an accident claim.
  • Do not move the injured or vehicles unless necessary for safety reasons.
  • Take videos and photos of the accident scene, vehicle position, and injuries for evidence to give your car accident lawyer in Texas.
  • Exchange contact information with other drivers.
  • Get medical attention immediately to check for injuries. You could be injured and be unaware of it until the next day.
  • If you think another driver caused the accident, talk to a Texas car accident lawyer.

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